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Professional Work

These are works directed and produced by Dreamer's Edge founder Jacob Boelman. Each piece provided a unique opportunity to sharpen technique and build the skills required for Paxson: A Home in Commona project Jacob was developing while producing this body of work.

Missoula Rises - Refugees

This short piece was created in 2017 at the height of the Trump administration's inexcusable stance against undocumented immigrants and refugees. Produced for Missoula Rises, a human rights organization, this piece helped bring state-wide attention to this national crisis.

Emma's Dress

Produced by the University of Montana's College of Humanities & SciencesEmma's Dress highlights a moment in history. Emma Sansaver used her handmade dress to raise funding for a chance to compete in the 1904 Women's Basketball Championship. 

UM Strategic Planning

Produced in 2016, this introduction to the University of Montana's Strategic Planning Committee was one of Jacob Boelman's first professional directorial pieces.  

Alex and Karrie's Wedding

This wedding video was made as a personal gift to a friend. The Bride and Groom picked the music. 

UM Graduate Program

Made as a way to raise funds to finish Paxson: A Home in Common, Jacob Boelman was hired to produce and direct a promotional for the University of Montana's Graduate Program.

UM Campus Recreation

Jacob Boelman co-directed this with Antonio Torres. The Campus Recreation program at the University of Montana wanted to promote its fantastic workout facilities throughout the UM campus.

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