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Personal Work

This page shows the work of the Founder/Creator of Dreamer's Edge, Jacob Boelman. Each piece represents the type of storytelling Dreamer's Edge is interested in exploring. These are deeply personal projects that try to explore, challenge, and celebrate the human condition. 

Mary Rose (2015)

Mary Rose represents Jacob Boelman and Keenan Goodman's first directorial work. The project aired in 2016 on PBS Montana. The Documentary explores the life of Mary Rose Moyer. At age 91, she is clinically blind yet perseveres every day through her physical limitations as well as her storied past.

Esther's Room (2016)

Created by Jacob Boelman as a way to capture the raw creativity and imagination of his 10-year-old sister's room, days before  moving. Esther's Room is the essence of a personal project and was made in-between the development of Paxson: A Home in Common

"The Times they are..." (2022)

A short film edited together by Jacob Boelman using found footage. Created right before the 2022 elections. 

FLOOD Doc (incomplete)

A project started by Jacob Boelman after helping a friend keep a pump going so their house didn't get flooded. This doc was also started in-between the development of Paxson: A Home in Common. The Project was abandoned due to lack of funds. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about this project. 

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