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Concrete Wall

A Home in Common

After the success of his first collaborative short documentary, Mary Rose, Director and Dreamer's Edge founder Jacob Boelman, embarked on what ended up being a seven-year journey, the making of Paxson: A Home in Common. Please check out the trailer and consider helping us share this story with the rest of the world. 

Dark Concrete Wall


Experience a home of six men with disabilities and the veteran staff who care for them. The difficulties of everyday living are heightened after the converging of two serious events. During the time that management is undergoing a turbulent change in leadership, one of the clients starts to experience heightened episodes that put the emotional and physical safety of the home at risk. 

Dark Concrete Wall

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Jacob Boelman, Director 



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The Why : 

We have dedicated the past 7 years to creating this feature documentary because it wields the power to make a significant social impact. It has the ability to influence civic and legislative improvement within the personal care industry - a community within each of our neighborhoods that has been overlooked, underfunded, and detrimentally isolated.


Your impact :

By donating to this campaign (or by helping to spread the word), your support empowers us to afford...

  • Color Balancing ($5,000)

  • Sound Mastering ($3,750)

  • Music rights (est. $2,000)

  • Closed Captioning - accessibility matters! (est. $1,500)

  • Film Festival Submission Fees (~$70 per submission)


Sundance Film Festival​ | Park City, UT

Big Sky Documentary Film Festival | Missoula, MT

Cannes Film Festival | Cannes, France

Toronto International Film Festival | Toronto, Canada

Lonely Wolf International Film Festival | London, UK

... and hopefully the funds to travel & attend!

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