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The Melody

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Narrative Feature Film



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Story created by Jacob Boelman. Copyright Dreamer's Edge Productions.

The Melody is a feature-length narrative about 13-year-old Ellie and a bitter retired music conductor, Milt. After moving to a new neighborhood with her single mother, Jenny, we witness Ellie's struggle with severe dyslexia at school and a broken-down house at home; she finds refuge in listening to her next-door neighbor, Milt, play music every night. He has no friends in the neighborhood. Jenny and Ellie are warned to stay away from him due to Milt being an alcoholic and grouch. However, his music is entrancing, and each session ends with a tender melody that haunts Ellie's dreams. One night, she becomes so consumed by the music that she sneaks into Milt's home to learn more about it.

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